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Organize your apartment research in one place

Relo is the tool you need to easily collect all your favorite apartments in one place when looking for a new home. Organize your research in a few minutes!

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Relo is Easy and Fast

Creating a list of your favorite apartments has never been as easy and quick! Add an apartment by copying the URL of the announcement and get all the most important information listed automatically.

Relo is Automated

Don’t waste time contacting expired ads. Every time you access your list, Relo will automatically notify you if an announcement is no longer available!


Relo is Collaborative

Invite your flatmates, friends, family or significant other to collaborate on your research! Rate the ads and write notes and comments in order to take fast and effective decisions.

Relo is Stress-free

“Did I already contact this agency?” “When is my next visit?” Don’t worry! With Relo you can easily keep track of the status of your research. Update the status of your ads in just one click and save the date and time of your visits!


Relo means Organization

Keep track of all the announcements in one single platform. Stop jumping from one page to another. Import the apartments you’re interested in and easily compare them thanks to our clear and neat layout.

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